Arapahoe County

County Background
  • *Arapahoe County is managed by UDFCD
Status Lidar Preliminary Date Effective Date Panel Download Options
Post DFIRM N/A 11/25/2009 12/17/2010 FEMA MSC

NFIP Participating Communities within this County

Community Name FEMA Community ID (CID)
Arapahoe County 080011
Aurora, City of 080002
Centennial, City of 080315
Cherry Hills Village 080013
Columbine Valley, Town of 080014
Deer Trail, City of 080015
Englewood, City of 085074
Glendale, City of 080247
Greenwood Village, City of 080195
Littleton, City of 080017
Sheridan, City of 080018

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Summary of Map Actions

Community Case # Status
Arapahoe County 11-08-0351A Suspend due to fee or data: 2011-05-20
Arapahoe County 11-08-0535A Suspend due to fee or data: 2011-06-22

Community Case # Status Appeal Begins Appeal Ends Elevation Info
Arapahoe County 07-08-0579S Effective date 2010-12-17
Arapahoe County MICS_30427 Final CCO meeting held 2005-10-31


If you have interest in updating FEMA flood maps or have a mapping need to report, please fill out the Community Participation Survey form and return to:
Thuy Patton
1580 Logan St., Suite 200
Denver, CO 80203